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Cherry Lake Altona

Cherry Lakes and BulokesMillers Road, Altona
Melways 53: K9

Cherry Lake is a popular place for weekend barbecues and for daily walks. The lake, which is managed by Melbourne Water, is a flood retarding basin created in the 1970’s to help prevent flooding of the rapidly expanding Altona residential area.

A 2.3 kilometre walking and cycling trail circuits the lake, and takes the visitor to the western and northern surrounds, which contain interesting salt marsh habitats used by a range of water birds.

The lake provides habitats for a range of native birds including pelicans, swans and swamp hens. The Altona Skipper Butterfly finds precious habitat in the stands of Chaffy Saw Sedge at the western end of the lake.

Getting There

Train: Cherry Lake is approximately 15 minutes walk from Altona Station or Seaholme Station.
Cycling: There is an off-road cycle path linking to the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail on the eastern side of Millers Road

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